Days are best spent in some imaginary way. In earlier years I seldom bothered to step out of my imagination, and I have that surreal childhood to thank for my ability to write music at all. I was born into a musically simple family (to put it kindly) and I have just a touch of formal training. From these unassuming roots, I ended up bearing the fruit of a non-partisan view of music. I'm here on the outskirts with everyone else where music still seems like nonsense: something from nothing. Composing, for me, is just that—blissful nonsense—as if I'm performing a magic trick that simultaneously dupes me and the audience. I love when people enjoy the trick, but I still return behind the curtains with no idea of where that rabbit comes from.



As a player, I am a guitarist first, but I can navigate a few other instruments with fair confidence. I enjoy blending some of my contemporary world with the grandeur of the orchestra and have subsequently landed in the field of film and video game music. That lust for imagination I mentioned was informed to a great extent by the music I heard in classic video games and a few movies (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Disney's The Jungle Book had specifically large roles), so my attraction to this discipline was that of natural infatuation.