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The Wildmother's Dulcimer

The Wildmother's Dulcimer Painting.png



A hammered dulcimer with deeply-sampled standard articulations, but a focus on impressionistic swaths of aleotoric playing evoking the natural world.  The aim, while recording, was to capture textures that would be impossible to program with MIDI.


Each patch makes use of 3 mixable mic positions. (A close XY pair of small condensor microphones, a stereo room signal, and a mono mic signal from far off at the end of a hallway)


Volume I Patches:

  • Hammered

  • Tremolo

  • Electromagnetic Mahogany

  • Dripping Branches

  • Ten Billion Butterflies


Volume II Patches:

  • Hammered/Trem Combo

  • Plucked

  • Harmonics

  • Bowed Tremolo

  • Cedar Splatterpaint

  • Woodpecker (percussion)

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