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Tonewheel Foundations



This is the second half of my sampling journey with the Hammond that lives in my childhood home.

This is the bread and butter of the organ.

The patch “Organ” is what it claims to be. It includes switchable tone categories designated by the organ manufacturer such as Trumpet, Clarinet, and Full Organ as well as my favourite custom draw-bar settings. The GUI allows for opting to split these presets on your keyboard mimicking the two rows of keys (manuals) on an organ. However, the secret weapon of this patch might be the organ pedals! All of the sounds—including the mechanical sounds of the keys—are mixable at the base of the GUI.

The second patch is the Rhythm II unit. I’ve sampled loops of each rhythm type as well as isolating the components of each loop to the best of my ability to allow for building custom rhythms. The patch also includes a version of the loops and samples processed through the same cassette/tube pre signal chain heard in the previous organ collection.

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