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Tonewheel Ecosystems



The Hammond Rhythm II, is one of the last home/consumer models that Hammond manufactured using tonewheels (honest to goodness metal wheels which spin in the chassis of the organ).

This means warbling, inconsistency, and noise <3

In the patch "Tonewheel Spins" I took full advantage of the machine's physicality. I held a variety of chords while the organ was off and flipped the power on to watch the chord I was holding groan to life.

The patch "Tonewheel Memories" required enlisting the expert help of my girlfriend who held notes while I used my newly freed hands to create swells and textures with the drawbars. This patch runs deep with sonic options and it's all there in one patch rather than spread clumsily and inconveniently across 7 different nki's! What a novel idea!

Included patches:

  • Tonewheel Spins

  • Tonewheel Memories

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