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Orchestral Percussion

Hunter's Perc - Orchestral.png


This is the orchestral percussion portion of a multi-part percussion library I put together during my final year of university. For a few years now, this library has been a secret sauce/garnish that I would blend into my other paid and professional libraries and figured it was about time to share!


Most articulations were captured with left and right hand variants and at least 6 velocity layers/4 round robins unless the articulation or drum was specialized in some way.


The Rig:

  • Preamps- Focusrite ISA428, UA 4-710d

  • Close Mics- Neumann KM 184’s

  • Far Mics- AKG C414’s

  • Balcony Mics- Neumann U87s


The Collection:

  • Snares (Concert and Field)

  • Toms (Six Sizes)

  • Bass Drum

  • Concert Chimes

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